It all started when my 8 year old Zodiac Rib Inflatable sank! That's right it sank. An inflatable boat sank taking with it a 4 stroke 25HP Yamaha with less than 50 hours on it. The Zodiac people reglued the Rib three times and the fourth time it just disintegrated. The real problem was that the people at Zodiac could not care less. No more big brand names for us!!
    Well, while I was setting on one of the tubes waiting for the Coast Guard to rescue my wife and me, I thought there must be a better way. I needed a small light weight dinghy for the back of my trawler that would not sink and could be beached on sand/gravel/coral what ever. Aluminum boats are very popular in the North West and used to run the rapids. They can take a lot of hits and still stay together. I wanted one of those. But there are none for sale, so I made one. It was triple welded 1/8 inch marine aluminum with 15 cu ft of flotation.
    What you see here is the finished product. It was tested on the Chesapeake Bay and later trailer to Ft. Myers, Florida. It is hanging on the back of my trawler and has been used for over two years and has not come unglued! The new dinghy weighs around 250 pounds and the old inflatable was closer to 650 pounds, that puts a lot less stress on the equipment! I look forward to many years of service. View dinghy in stern of boat, click here.
 If you have an interest in having one of these but can't weld aluminum, buy this boat! IT IS AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN FT. MYERS, FLORIDA for $7000.00 (engine included) Call me if you would like to see the boat at 1-410-507-5540