Hello, my name is TERRY KIMMEL and I do ARTISTIC ALUMINUM WELDING for CREATIVE CUSTOM WELDING projects.  I have been interested in welding for many years. I first started welding steel. However I lost interest in that material when I found that I could not move many of my projects and needed a front end loader. I then moved into copper. Copper was fun to work with but hard to find and expensive. I did make a large fountain that would light up at night and spouted water. But when I found aluminum I found the medium that I was comfortable with and it is fun to work with. I have expanded my studio this year to anodizing.     Almost all of my work is designed for both indoors and outdoors. The rain, snow or wind has little effect on them. Being able to anodize the work can make them very weatherproof and durable.  I also like to run internal wiring so that I can have them light up at night (see some of the photos).    
     I have undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Maryland. Today I spend most of my time in my new studio in Severna Park, Maryland. doing ALUMINUM ART.    If you have something you would like fabricated in aluminum contact me at [email protected] and we can talk about it.
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